no, no, no…don’t trim my trees!!!!


july 21 2013 (10 weeks to go)

As I walked up to Lake Evans at Fairmount Park last Monday morning, I heard a lot of noise, saw the trucks on Dexter St (that trees 26 though 52 line.) I was just about ready to walk the opposite way to avoid the noise (wasn’t making for a tranquil walk) when I realized…THEY WERE TRIMMING MY TREES!!!! Talk about upsetting a tranquil walk.

I ran over and started the interrogation….they were raising the tree’s canopy so that trucks could drive under the branches and on the lake side to improve the view. I am not assured…even the word “arborist” in their company name didn’t help. I took pictures so they would know they were being watched and I called the parks superintendent (I’m sure he is sorry he ever gave me his direct #)

They had trimmed about 15 trees (#20 thru #35) by the time I arrived. I decided to inspect their work when I saw it…Tree 22 had a BIG healthy beautiful limb cut off!!

Unfortunately for these poor guys, I have lived quite intimately with these trees for the past 42 weeks, taking thousands of pictures. Tree 22 had this particularly wonderful limb that framed the lake and I had taken dozens of pictures of that view a few weeks earlier.

So, I was sick to see that they had cut that beautiful branch.

I think my involvement helped temper their trimming prowess. This work has to be done and overall I think they did a good job. But we all know horror story of tree trimming gone wrong. Today I walked all 52 trees …I noticed most of the cuts but none of you would notice a thing! :)

all is good…all of the time…sue


3 thoughts on “no, no, no…don’t trim my trees!!!!

  1. You have hit on something that is very very wrong with our fair city. Tree butchering.

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