MASTHEAD PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Rock/ Zelma Beard… Face and Tree/ Doug McCulloh


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  1. Dear Sue, My beloved friend Richard Huss referred me to your site (his is lovely, btw). I am 71, the survivor of a drunk driver hitting us head on causing near-deafness for me from multiple skull fractures, back when I was only 43 and at the height of my beloved career as a neuro, neuro-surgical nurse. Several “re-births” took me to working for DCF, doing curriculum design, half-way through an MFA (too lonely), and finally to Hartford Seminary where I learned International/Interfaith Work, graduating in 2010. Now I’ve retired from my position as Book Review Editor of The Muslim World, a quarterly from hartsem (as we call it), and have spent a year here in boggy, hot Green Cove Springs, FL stumbling around with everything except what I really want to do: write. Your whiteboard with the sentence written over and over, “Start before you are ready.” hit me hard in my gut, just as I’m going for something wonderful: an MRI compatible cochlear implant, which should raise my hearing from 17% to an amazing (and somewhat un-nerving, actually) level. After my surgery on 30 July, I shall be totally deaf for six to eight weeks prior to being “turned on” to hear electronically. If Stallone could write “Rocky” in something like two weeks, I figure I can refine the 500 or so pages of stories about my mother’s family (from up a dirt road on an strawberry farm to New Orleans) to the point of sending it off to an editor who is interested in helping me. I loved your exhibit, and wish I could meet you in person someday. Thank you for today’s blessing as I continue on, hoping to have another 30 years (and if facing yet more “re-births” to come upon inspirations such as you blessed me with today).
    Yours, Martha Graham, Green Cove Springs, FL

  2. Tamera – thank you for your kind comments. This has been quite an adventure and I look forward to sharing it with you. See you in Oct!…sue

  3. Sue – I am sooooo proud of and excited for you! You’ve always been a Rock Star in my eyes! Congrats on yet another phenomenal achievement and I can’t wait to see your “52 children”! Love ya!

  4. Vickie – Glad to have you following.I’m on my 30 day countdown…see you in Oct at the museum or probably at the park before that…sue

  5. My Golden Retriever, Max, and I have met you a couple of times in Fairmont Park (visited with you this morning) and it is a pleasure to see your website and art. Your video is amazing and the thoughtfulness of your work is inspiring. I look forward to seeing your show, 52, and experiencing your vision of the park that we have come to love since moving here from San Antonio in June. What a remarkable journey you’ve shared! Vickie Pan

  6. We are home now in snowy Minnesota and are enjoying the remembrance of our recent visit to the 52 trees. Keep up the focus and good work. Jan

  7. Sue,
    This is so exciting…you are such an inspiration! I need to start working on my future “rebirth”!

  8. Sue…what an inspiration! Whenever I am out roaming beaches (from Lake Tahoe to Cabo San Lucas), I notice and pick up “special” rocks and have several bottles and jars of them…and where did I learn this habit from??? Yes, YOU! While I do not have the artistic drive to create with my special rocks, collecting brings me a calmness and happy spirit! Congratulations to you on reaching for your dreams! Enjoy the coming year…wish I could be at the opening show…I know you will be a huge success! Love the postcard! Keep on rocking!

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