52 days left to prepare for the opening of “52”

august 9 2013

This is what 52 days looks like…YIKES!!!

This is the first thing I see every morning so it really gets me moving. I’m noticing that I am getting up earlier and earlier and the list is getting longer and longer!

Just when I was really getting into being an artist…time out for the event planning part of the exhibit…invitation postcards, programming, installation, caterer…hundreds of details and deadlines!! I know I’m starting to feel the pressure as I cried twice this week. Fortunately. way more going right than wrong. Another week on the details and then I hope to get back to some art making.

Fairmount Park still feeds my soul daily…

Appreciating all your encouraging words…see you in October!

All is good…All of the time…sue

8 thoughts on “52 days left to prepare for the opening of “52”

  1. Count me in — if we are in town, I would love to come and see what you have created!

  2. Hang tight Sue…you know how to get it done…looking forward to your exhibit…

  3. Your jar of stones is so beautiful! Is that the way you found the stones or did you polish and grind them? I love seeing your great photos of Fairmount Park!!! You really capture all the beauty of that park that is overlooked! :)

  4. This is exciting. I know it’s been a long road….but so rewarding and we’re all looking forward to sharing the results of your efforts and talent. Enjoy these last few weeks of work and let the enrichment of what has happened sink in.

  5. I so admire all your planning, hard work and dedication. You are my inspiration. May you get some sleep. Thinking of you.

  6. It will be over before you know it, and I know that you will SHINE! And just when this one is done and put to bed, you’ll be ready to start on your next exhibition! :)

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