a love affair (2012)

The story behind the show…”a love affair”…

For thirty-five years I have been collecting beautiful rocks along the California coastline.  In 2009, I made a serious commitment to become an artist (the big 6-0 was looming!) I started taking printmaking classes at RCC from Denise Kraemer. I had this crazy idea to incorporate my special rocks into my art. I tried to explain this to Denise — she would just nod and smile.

Before each class began I would pour a pouch of rocks out on my work area and carefully arrange them for inspiration. It took most of the term before I created my first masterpiece that involved a rock… “Just Ask” named when my son said “what do I have to do to own this piece?” I very excitedly showed Denise my work and I could see the relief in her eyes as she exclaimed “Finally, I get it. I haven’t had a clue what you were talking about!”

Just Ask

The spotlight exhibit at the rcaa gallery was a collection of rock enhanced prints and mixed media pieces that I had created during my printmaking classes at RCC.. Below is a short video of the exhibition.

“a love affair” was the kick off to a 52-week self-directed art sabbatical starting October 1, 2012. Details of this year-long adventure are in the articles below. The sabbatical ended with the exhibit “52” at the Riverside Art Museum from October 3, 2013 – January 4 2014.

Here is a sampling of my rock infused series. (More found in the gallery for the “a love affair” exhibit.)

– Untiltled…Perrone Collection

Zen Garden




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MASTHEAD PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Rock/ Zelma Beard… Face and Tree/ Doug McCulloh

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