i’m a little down…and need your help…

january 4 2013


I’m a little down…

I have thought about what might help me stay on track with my project in this new year

down but not out…

and realized that I need more daily, weekly and monthly accountability. I am hoping that those of you that are interested in my arts journey will subscribe to my blog using the “subscribe” button is at the bottom of the page.(not the bottom of the post …keep scrolling to bottom of the page) You don’t even have to read it – I just need to think you are. :)


I knew that my biggest challenge this year would be discipline…DAILY DISCIPLINE…not my strong suit. I didn’t make as much progress as I should have during my first three months (probably kind of normal) so I am feeling a little frustrated with myself but unlike Sisyphus, I will get that rock to the top of the hill.

 Thank you friends for your interest and support…sue

PS If this is your first time visiting my blog or even hearing about my year-long arts sabbatical and you want an overview of my crazy adventure…go to the “about” tab on this website …there is a link to an article in Riverside Magazine and a Press Enterprise article that explain my journey or type “Grand Plan” in the search bar at the top of the blog for another detailed account.

One thought on “i’m a little down…and need your help…

  1. Ok. I know this is serious but I can’t help but get a little chuckle as I am reading the blog. Hang in there. I recently put up your art pieces in my new office. Looks great!

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