grade for my first three months…C-

january 2 2012
I must admit, the transition from going to RPS everyday for 34 years to staying home and studying and making art has been harder than I thought.  I’ve had a somewhat productive three months but would probably only give myself a C- for my initial effort.  The office is right – I do find too much comfort in being there, probably a little more than I should or “need to”.  
I’ve been like a kid in a candy shop who now has a stomach ache. Too much candy/ too much free time…there are so many books, museums and art projects that I want to do that I just bounced around in a very excited but ineffective way. I do have a schedule but it was too vague. Starting now…I will be working from a more detailed weekly planner. I’m talking to myself but your eyes will give me some accountability.

5 thoughts on “grade for my first three months…C-

  1. Dan – great, needed advise. I dd realize the other day that I needed to stop buying books, limit internet time and that I had to limit field trips to one or two a month. Time is a slippery critter!!!…sue

  2. Well, Sue, here I am…with my first bit of advise….No more museums, galleries or reading for that matter…indeed, wasting time visiting the work of other artists is not progressing you…it is a hindrance….Writing and drawing are the motivational and organizational tools of the artist…the self imposed commission of your sabbatical is to bring out what is in your head…of which you have much already…I am speaking from experience…good luck..

  3. Lori – thank you for the advice. As I said, it has been a good three months but I was a bit lost in this new world of what seemed to be play. The show in nine months should help snap me out of this rudderless way!! Thanks for signing on…this new accountability (or at least, perceived accountability ) is really going to help me…sue

  4. For me, one of the hardest things about being an artist is feeling I need to justify my existence in ways not related to creating income. When I went from being employed full-time in a “career” that most people could understand or relate to, I found myself trying to create a “job title” of sorts to throw out at dinner parties or family gatherings. It’s so different. Not always easy to define. It’s nice to feel a part of a community… Over the years I’ve become less concerned about where I fit in and a bit more about what fits into my life. For over 5 years I’ve had coffee every other Tuesday with an artist friend. We talk about where we are, what we’re thinking about, etc. It has helped me so much to learn to articulate my art and get honest, real time feedback.

  5. You have given yourself an unusual challenge, Sue. I do not know of any other artist who does art EVERY SINGLE DAY! Artists need days off — to rest, to think, to play, to socialize, to do other stuff!! I hope that you have a GREAT year, and that you enjoy whatever rolls around! Inspiration does not always arrive on a schedule — and I say that as a writer, as well as being the wife of an artist. E-hugs and good wishes!

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