“did you paint an orange?”

november 12 2012

“Did you paint an orange?”

“NO…of course not, I’m not an artist!”

we have a Paulden Evans orange from the first event a few years ago. This is a promotional picture Carla Bender took for the 2012 event

“Excuse me, but you just had a show.”

This was the discussion I had with several people at Riverside Art Museum’s Orange Aid  event where 150 local artist painted small oranges (like the cows in Chicago)

When does one cross the line from wanting to be an artist to feeling like they are one??? I’m not sure…I’ll let you know when it happens for me.

This was our favorite picture but for some reason wasn’t selected? :)


The other big issue is how do you get comfortable with all the self-promotion necessary to market a show or to sell your art?

 I haven’t blogged in six weeks (I have journaled and will backdate and post  some of the memorable moments) Quite frankly, the reason I stopped posting is simple… I got sick of myself (So can only imagine how you were feeling) I have been marketing, with great passion and determination, for Riverside Personnel, the non-profit fundraisers I helped start and political campaigns, for 35 years. I enjoy marketing and have been fairly successful. I have not enjoyed this new world of “self-promotion.” 

Marketing for yourself is so different and difficult…it just doesn’t feel right. It is all about me, me, me…look at me. On one hand you want that…you make a piece of art or have a show and you want people to see it. On the other hand, it feels a wrong…but it isn’t. And unless you are famous, with a publicist…you must promote yourself. SO HANG ON…I am about to start the self promotion tour for 2013. :)

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