“teacher, i couldn’t do the assignment…”

november 15 2012

My drawing class at Riverside Art Museum ended today.

Kelly Rider. my instructor at RAM

Loved my instructor, Kelley Rider (don’t worry Denise, you will always be my favorite) and classmates, especially Ai and Ellen.


I’m not into representational art much and find that I am not patient with drawing unless I can do quick sketches. But I do realize that having some decent drawing skills is an asset even if you work in a more abstract style.  I am able to copy most anything but can’t draw out of my imagination (like my friend, Ellen…boy does she have one   and young, local and accomplished artist, Teodor Dumitrescu, whose work and imagination are exceptional) Developing that ability will take way more time and effort.

One week our homework was to draw eggs …broken and whole. I came to class with sketches of whole eggs but announce that I couldn’t draw them broken. (had used my 1/2 dozen rock eggs for my model) I think I really wanted to avoid drawing broken eggs because that would be harder. 


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