the show is installed and the last rock dropped!

MIDNIGHT september 30 2013

No more rocks, recording my every move or saving everything I do. My sabbatical is over!!! For those of you not on facebook here is a photo essay of the past weekend…

The movers arrived Friday @ 8am to move my studio to the museum

I wasn’t smoking anything when I decided to move my studio because I have never done drugs but I certainly must have been drinking! Crazy idea…

This is what the galleries looked like…190 feet of wall space to cover. To put the enormity of this into perspective…my show last year ‘a love affair’ was on a 15 ft wall

The party-hearty install team for the DeVean galleries 52-weeks. It was my birthday so we celebrated with red wine and chocolate nut bombs from Simple Simon’s .

This is Allen, my new best friend, he is the preparator who installed the 52 Trees…you will understand my admiration when you see the show

all you need for a good install is a level and a wine opener!!

the studio! I’m not going to show too much…I don’t want to ruin your first look

This is me on Sunday beaming with relief and joy…both galleries are installed!

This is the last rock…when I post this blog entry my sabbatical will be over. No more rocks, recording every move and saving everything….

I can’t wait to share the results of my year….an idea developed  21/2 years ago. I will  post something a little more reflective in a few weeks and will continue the blog through the exhibition. I hope you can join me at the opening on the 18th…if not, the show is up until the end of the year.

I really appreciated your interest …it was so critical to feel some accountability….but your encouragement was even more important and so appreciated.

All is good…all of the time…sue

10 thoughts on “the show is installed and the last rock dropped!

  1. Congratulations!! We are all so proud of your persistence and talents.
    Joy Westcott Junkert

  2. Such an accomplishment Sue! I’ll be there on the first day of the opening and so sorry I’ll be out of the country on your opening night.

    Here’s to you and the culmination of the simply remarkable year!

  3. What a story. Listening to rocks. Good luck at the Opening…. and finding your way. Salute! What a PRoJEcT – WhaT a PlaN.

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