the babies are everywhere…

May 1, 2012

Spent the last two weeks of April mourning the swan, Anneli’s, departure.  She had such a presence that the lake felt so empty. I knew that the start of baby ducks and goslings would help me through and sure enough…










 April 30, 2012

Another month gone, what was accomplished?

  • secured
  • Met team 52 to strategize presenting my proposal
  • Totally organized studio
  • GLEE for the day
  • Film festival in Riverside
  • Paulden’s home & studio
  • “My Story Thru Rock Collecting” RCAA
  • “I Wonder Where She Sleeps Now?” RCAA
  • Made “love song” play list for Lauren & Mike


  • RCAA show… need 15 pieces of art
  • sabattical…I have a schedule/syllabus of what I will study each month

April 13th & 16th, 2012

I took a Fri – Mon off and spent about 20 hours in my studio. I completely rearranged the room – set up for serious printmaking, collage work, press area and cutting, clean out, organized and labeled.

It might have just been more procrastination but I did get lots done. NOW ON TO MAKING ART!


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