thirty days to go…

Sept 7 2012

Thirty days to go to get ready for the opening of  “a love affair” on Oct 4th/Artswalk at RCAA. I have a giant “TO-DO” list ….mailing list, postcard, website, making the art…

            In Carmel visiting the poet, Roberson Jeffers, rock house (photo by Zee)

How did I do this week…

  • worked with Cosme on the postcard…LOVE IT!
  • worked with Catina on the website…LOVE IT!
  • organized 7 pieces of art…found the appropriate rocks** (that can take as long as making the actual print)
  • photo and interview with Riverside Magazine
  • domestic chores…washer, dryer and car repaired
  • had the upstairs windows washed…first time in 6 years. That is what I told Zee I wanted for my 60th birthday!
  • Wednesday afternoon at RPS for weekly meetings

Lots done…so much more to do!!               

** “making the selection of the rock…that is art”

…Lee Ufan

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