do I have what it takes?

April 11, 2011

I am taking the week off – staycation – no “HAVE TO’S” for a week.  My only goal is to explore my mental state towards my artistic career.  I’m going to do as much as I can to stimulate my creativity.  I seem to have a mental block about making art.  When I do it, I LOVE IT, and get satisfying results but without a class or deadline I won’t go into my studio and work.  I do have the time!  What gives?  One thought is that I don’t have the discipline to take an idea and make it happen myself because I have spent years with a staff or with a nonprofit event staff and committee to carry out my idea.  Art is a very isolating endeavor – you alone must do the work.  This is something big for me to work through.

I do know there is an artist in me but do I have the drive and discipline to make this a reality?  Andi Campognone once said to me… “you may find that you really are meant to be a patron of the arts.”

I’ll also get to spend some extra time with my babies…Ellie and Lola.

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