i am dangerous…

november 26 2012

I forgot to put my car into park when I checked for the mail. That would be an issue on any street but our road has a 50 ft drop off! My car was slowly rolling down the street toward, what would have been, my “fiscal cliff” if it had gone over.

The drop-off is way steeper than it looks…what could have been my “fiscal cliff.”

I ran like a crazy person…fortunately I left my door open so I was able to jump in and  slam on the brake. So, glad I didn’t hit the gas pedal by accident.

I seem to be forgetting a lot lately. This brings up a big issue I am grappling with…the pros and cons of multi-tasking and a busy mind that does not focus well. Quieting my mind to see, hear and retain better is a huge goal of this year…maybe even more than the art part. I’ll write more on this later.

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