2009…the year I start my artistic journey…

July 2009

2009 is the year I start a committed artistic journey.  I made the commitment in writing on our RPS website when we unveiled the new site in October 2008 (our 30 year anniversary).  In January, I took printmaking at RCC from Denise Kraemer and that triggered the desire for workspace at home.  David had to cancel a February visit so I used the three days to set up a studio!  In May, my first two “rock” pieces were hung at the community gallery and “Feeling Lost” is hanging in the Community Foundation’s boardroom.  I’m back in the summer session of printmaking – learning linoleum cuts and collagraphs.  It’s been a good 6 months with lot’s of progress – still a long way to go but I intend to enjoy every step of the journey.

I decided that I wanted to incorporate the rocks that I have been collecting, on the Central coast for the past 30 years, into my prints. I explained this to Denise, my instructor, and she would smile at me and nod. Every class period I would pour a pouch of my favorite rocks out on my work space to inspire me. One day I called Denise over to show her my first completed masterpiece, with a rock. She looked at me and said ….“Finally, I get it…I haven’t had a clue what you were talking about!”.


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