bird poop art

BIRD POOP ART by sue mitchell

birds 911 (Medium)

the splat that started everything

My goal, during my 2012/13 52-week arts sabbatical, was to become more aware…seeing, feeling, listening, focusing and documenting…starting with the obvious. Walking, writing and carrying my camera helped with this enhanced awareness. When I was taking photos of the 52 Montezuma Bald Cypress trees, at Fairmount Park for my “52” exhibit, I spent a lot of time looking up (the trees are 70 ft tall!) One day I looked down…talk about starting to notice the obvious.

I had a BIRD POOP ART exhibit as part of my “52” exhibition and it was one of the most popular parts of my exhibition. ENJOY!

52 opening 443I was surprised and thrilled to find a book identifying “What Bird Did That?”…

bird poop art 339bird poop art 338 (Medium)




iPhone Pictures 934 (Medium)


bird poop art 294 (Medium)

movie star kitty (she is in the documentary)

bird poop art 242 (Medium)

bird poop art 358 (Medium)

the Little Prince

bird poop art 351 (Medium)

Little Bo Poop

bird poop art 331 (Medium)

David Stone’s twin

bird poop art 356 (Medium)


bird poop art 348 (Medium)bird poop art 019 (Medium)

bird poop art 036 (Medium)bird poop art 038 (Medium)bird poop art 052 (Medium)bird poop art 059 (Medium)bird poop art 079 (Medium)bird poop art 096 (Medium)bird poop art 102 (Medium)bird poop art 126 (Medium)bird poop art 132 (Medium)bird poop art 188 (Medium)bird poop art 199 (Medium)bird poop art 326 (Medium)


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MASTHEAD PHOTOGRAPHS BY: Rock/ Zelma Beard… Face and Tree/ Doug McCulloh

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