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  1. this would nice to see in the exhibit at the riverside library for those from the local community.

  2. When hiking at the Santa Rosa Plateau I came across a sign that read, “Do ROCKS dictate life?” and below there were descriptions of the natural habitat. I took a picture of that sign because I am so fond of rummaging through the multitudes of rocks whether it is on a shoreline, a mountain, or the desert. Maybe because I am reverted back to my youth when I could spend content time just touching, examining, and looking at each one. I think I am partial to the shapes and how they feel in my hands because someone should notice the unique qualities that took so much time to form. For whatever reason, a simple rock makes me happy, perks my interest, and kinda has a calming effect on me…I don’t question it, but that’s why I know I will love this show. Pardon the pun, but this show will no doubt rock my world!

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